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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KIN I Please Move to NYC Now?

Passion Pit.

Black Keys.

Ting Tings.

Each of the above mentioned bands played a free show in NYC this weekend. The locations of the shows were kept secret up until four hours before the bands hit the stage. It served as a promotional tool for the "Kin" - a hot new phone by Microsoft that obviously has big plans if it's going to so much trouble to gain the praise of fans of the above mentioned awesome effing bands. Nowadays, if you're a cell phone trying to get noticed in a world pretty much taken over by Apple, you gotta go big in order to get noticed. In my opinion, the Kin did just that. 

That said, add this to the list of reasons I need to move back to New York. Or any big city for that matter. Before the Kin took over Manhattan, it attacked San Fransisco with performances by Yeasayer, N.E.R.D. and Asher Roth. Tonight The Dead Weather joined the list of Kin promo bands. The Jack White led rock group (who just debuted their badass second album) performed a secret Kin show in Chicago.

If only, people. If only.

Can you imagine running around New York City last Saturday night? Constantly checking your phone, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for news on the location of the show. Sprinting all across town as hints were fed. And then finally figuring it out, grabbing a spot in line and being one of the few hundred fans who made it in to the free show?


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