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Monday, May 3, 2010

Gossip Girl Pet Peeves

5 things about Gossip Girl that are seriously pissing me off:

1.  Jenny Humphrey's overall appearance. What happened to this girl? She looks like DEATH. Take OFF that makeup! Get rid of those platinum hair extensions! Girl, you are the hottest mess on the CW and I am NOT proud to share names with you. Clean yourself up pronto! Rumor has it she won't be appearing in several of next season's episodes. I, for one, will not be missing her.

2.  THE ELEVATORS! Do these characters EVER use stairs? Everyone has an elevator! Everyone! The Humphrey's, Chuck and Nate, Blair. I understand they all live in penthouses, but come on. How do their asses look so good?! Somebody please tell me where they're hiding their StairMasters.

3.  Billy Baldwin as the big bad daddy? I'm not sure how I feel about this storyline to begin with. It doesn't help that every time Billy Baldwin - aka Serena and Eric's father - opens his mouth, I think Serena or Rufus or Lily is having a goddamn conversation with JACK DONAGHY. I'm so effing confused! I'm half expecting Liz Lemon to pop out of Dorota's apron.

4.  Dan and Vanessa...I'm totally grossed out by you two. You're so effing boring. "My story is better than yours!" "Well my script is more original than yours!" UGH! SHUT UP! No one cares about your desires to be famous New York writers. All you do is bicker about who's smarter. Stop competing and love each other, or go your separate ways! You're scholarly nonsense is giving me a headache. You're young! Have fun! Whatever happened to the threesomes?

5.  Blair and Chuck apart = HEARTACHE FOR EVERYONE. Now get back together ASAP, you goons! You're never going to find people you love more. Get over yourselves and put an end to this madness. I'm absolutely sick of it! The montage last week during Blair's trip down memory lane simply killed me. The next time I see them exchange desperate, wanting, googly-eyed glances from afar, I'm going to hurl something at my TV, dammit.

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