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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Top Model" Gets Fashionable

ANTM haters be dammed! Tyra Banks' model show is actually getting fashionable in what will be it's 15th season to air this coming fall.

Instead of the winning girl appearing on the cover of Seventeen magazine, cycle 15's top model will grace the cover of none other than ITALIAN VOGUE. Uh, say what now?

Suddenly, ANTM's getting serious. For all you clueless to the world of fashion, Itlaian Vogue is a heck of a step up from Seventeen. Tyra and Co. is going from teeny-bopper, cutesy, smiley, nonsense to...well, fashion. Legit fashion. International fashion. Shit that actually matters. Shit that will actually launch a model's career, for chrissake!

Hot damn, Tyra. Hot damn.

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