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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Macy in the World

It is my belief that many people are turned off by Macy Gray. Maybe it's that electircally charged hairdo. Maybe it's her 6 foot stature. Or that incredibly distinguished, raspy voice. She's unique, ok!? Get over it! There's lots to love about Macy Gray and I am proud to say I think she's cool. I dig her individuality, her style and her music.

Take a listen to her new single "Beauty in the World."

OMG I want a pair of those ginormous peace sign earrings!

Isn't it refreshing to hear a song so cheerful and uplifting? Leave it to Macy to sing lyrics like this:

Shake your booty, boys and girls
For the beauty in the world

I have a soft spot for the song because it played during the final scene of the final episode of Ugly Betty. As the words "Ugly Betty" appeared on the screen and the "Ugly" faded away, Macy Gray could be heard in the background singing about all the beauty in the world. It made the scene all the more meaningful. Thank you, Macy. This song is adorable.

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