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Monday, May 24, 2010

"LOST" No Longer

Guys, I'm not lost anymore. After last night I've been found. Enlightened. My faith is restored. Hopefully you were as humbled by the dramatic LOST finale as I was.

Who cares about the scientific mythological hoopla? Yes, there are plenty of questions left unanswered. But I don't mind. Those answers aren't really important now, are they? What's more important to this LOSTie is that her beloved casatways, her constants from the past six years, have been found. They are happy. They are with the people they are meant to be with. Finally, their souls are at peace. I will sleep better from now on knowing that Jack is with Kate, Sawyer is with Juliet and Penny and Desmond are together forever. Amen

Haters, calm down. No need to get your panties in a wad. Take solace in the fact that the show ended peacfully. There's no sense in being bitter. This is it. It's over. Jack is our hero, Desmond is our guardian angel and that's that. Accept it and move on.

There are lots of interpretations out there in the blogosphere about what the finale really meant. I'm pleased to find most of the reviews are positive. Some fans are disappointed with the unanswered questions, but overall, critics are praising the episode, applauding it's focus on the emotional aspects of the characters and the outstanding acting delivered by the cast. This was a love story, people. A beautiful, romantic love story. Better constructed, delivered and performed than any chick flick I've ever seen. I laughed, I cried and in the end I smiled - satisfied, comforted, accepting of the fact that this enormous chunk of my life has come to an end. I needed closure and for the most part, I got just that.

Here's what I got from "The End": The plane did clrash on the island all those years ago. Lots of people died. Jack & Co. did escape. They were the Oceanic 6. They eventually went back to the island. There was time travel and Others and temples, a man named Jacob and his brother, the smoke monster. Jack died on the island. Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Richard, Miles and Lappidus made it off the island alive via the Ajira plane Lappidus fixed and flew. Meanwhile, Hurley and Ben stuck together until they finally passed away on the island. Perhaps of natral causes. Perhaps of old age. I don't think Hurley became like Jack and Jacob when he drank the water. Heck, I'm not even convinced Jack became like Jacob. Maybe I'm wrong, but I really don't think Hurley gained any special powers. Maybe it's because the island was "uncorked" at the time Jack "appointed" him as the new island gaurdian. Afterall, when the island was uncorked lots of things went awry: Richard grew a grey hair (gasp!), Smokey could be killed (and was by our hero, Jack), and the island was apparently collapsing into the sea. Perhaps if Hurley was appointed after Jack replaced the cork, it could have worked. That being said, in my eyes, it didn't work. Hurley was not made to live forever.

Eventually, all of the above mentioned people died. We all die. There's no stopping it. As they died, they moved on to this new life - the sideways/parallel world as we've been calling it all season. It was in this limbo, this purgatory where they needed to recognize the life they once lived. In order to do so they had to be reaquainted with their fellow castaways - the people that had mattered most in their lives - in order to move on to heaven. To peace. To be found. They did this with the help of everyone's number one bruhthuh, Desmond Hume. He knew what needed to happen, much thanks to a drugged out Drive Shaft bassist. He took it upon himself to unite the castaways.

As these people came in contact with each other, memories of a past life came flooding back. My favorite recognition came from Sawyer. The look in his eyes as he remembered what Juliet meant to him...OH MY GOODNESS. "Kiss me, James." "You got it, blondie." UGH! I loved, loved, loved it. I also bawled like a baby. I cried during every interaction involving these island memories. (And whenever Hurley cried, I cried ten times harder.) Every former island couple was reunited including Sawyer and Juliet, Claire and Charlie, Sayid and Shannon and most importantly, Jack and Kate. Yes, folks, Freckles finally made up her mind and chose a man. Jack. And what a man he is.

Jack was the last soul to be found so to speak, but when he became enlightened, what a mighty moment it was. That conversation with his father, Christian Shephard (hardy har har!), the tears, the realization that he died, too! Once aware of the situation, daddy Shephard led his son into the church where his loved ones waited and together they ended their wild, tumultuous, emotional journey and entered the light.

And they all died happily ever after.

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