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Monday, May 3, 2010

If I Had You

Prepare yourself. Glambert's getting ready to make the music video for "If I Had You". The single is just now hitting airwaves. How excited are you?!
This is the Adam Lambert we've been waiting for. This is the Adam Lambert we've wanted to hear since he finished in second place last year. Fuggedabout that whole AMA fiasco and that mediocre first single. "Whattaya Want From Me" was just meh. This second single is an entirely different story.

It's upbeat. It's fun. It's loud. It showcases his brilliant voice and the true artist Lambert is. I'm telling you right now, it's gonna be huge. It's gonna be as big as Glambert's makeup drawer. It's gonna be one of the top 10 songs of the summer.

I've been driving around town blasting this song for months now. "If I Had You" was immediately my favorite song off his debut album. I'm so glad the rest of the world will be forced to hear it and finally understand my love for this fabulous man.

Sample "If I Had You" here:

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