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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beatle Fans Not GaGa For GaGa

Sorry, GaGa, but Beatles fans do not want your love, love, love.

Fans of the Fab Four are outraged at Lady GaGa for doing the unthinkable. That scantily clad monster was pictured playing John Lennon's iconic white piano. Gasp!

Relax, fanatics. If you're gonna get your Paul McCartney panties in a wad, get them in a wad over a serious issue.

Sean Lennon posted the now infamous picture (above) on his Twitter page a few days ago with the caption, "With GaGa at mom’s house, she’s belting on the white piano."

Apparently Yoko invited GaGa over and gave her permission to play. Um, if Yoko freaking Ono invited you to sit at John freaking Lennon's piano and play a tune, how could you say no!? Especially if you're Lady freaking GaGa! -a classically trained musician known for raving about John Lennon as one of the best songwriters in the history of songwriting!

Props to Sean for sticking up for his momma's houseguest. In a series of retaliation tweets, he said: 

         "Pianos are meant to be played. Why is everyone so uptight? What should we do, lock it away in a dusty room? So judgmental..."
         "Come on, lighten up...life's too short, there're enough real problems in the world..."
         "Firstly, he gave that piano to my mother for her birthday, it is hers, secondly, he was not uptight the way you seem to be." 

You, go, Sean! You little monster, you!

Sadly, Sean has since removed the controversial photo from his Twitpic collection. Perhaps GaGa shouldn't have worn fishnets while twinkling on the white Steinway, but she's GaGa. That's what she does. I'd like to know what Sir Paul McCartney thinks.

Watch GaGa's rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" below, Beatles fans, and maybe you'll feel less hostile for the Pokerfaced pop monster momma. (Start @ 1:39)

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