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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Give the Emmy to Matthew Fox

Long live Jack Shephard!
Matthew Fox is (finally!) nominated for an Emmy for Best Leading Actor (in a Drama series) for his role as Doctor Jack Shephard on LOST. In my opinion, no one is more deserving this year than the studly Mr. Fox.
 Lost by oldarash.
Fox's portrayal of fearless island leader and newfound man of faith wins in my book. I was initially stunned to hear about his nomination. I was also mega excited and after reading a tweet about it, ran downstairs to tell my roommate Doreen the great news (she didn't seem as thrilled). Fox has forever gone unnoticed at the Emmy's. Meanwhile co-stars Michael Emmerson (Ben) and Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) always seem to get a nod.
I've been rooting for Fox since the start of LOST. Yes, I Sawyer swooned and could never get enough of Desmond's accent (bruthuh!), but Jack was the underdog who never got enough credit. The only recognition he received was a random Golden Globe nomination in 2006.
It's only right that Matthew Fox win the award for his lead role in the final season of one of the greatest shows of our time. Whether you liked Jack or not, he carried the show. In the end, it was all about him. The final season was all about his realization that he was living in an afterlife. As viewers we experienced Jack's revelation with him. It was just as much ours as it was his. After all he went through in that finale epsiode - battles and blood and death and walking among the dead! - he's plenty worthy of walking away with a statue on August 29th.
Whether he walks away a winner or empty handed, I congratulate Emmy voters for finally recognizing one of the greatest performances in recent television acting history.

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