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Monday, July 5, 2010

Great Time to be Feelin' Groovy

During an unfortunate Friday night at home with my parents, I rented It's Complicated. The movie moved slowly, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I love me some Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

There's one scene - the best of the movie by far - where Meryl Streep's character smokes a giant joint as given to her by Alec Baldwin. She shares it with Steve Martin. The two are very high and therefore, can't stop laughing and eating and being silly. The shot of Steve Martin dancing made my mom roar with the kind of laughter we have to pause the movie for. It happens often. She squeals uncontrollably until she starts crying and her face turns bright red and she's so hysterical no noise comes out. That's when we resume the movie.

Alec Baldwins character is pissed at Meryl for sharing the doobie with Steve Martin and not him. Since she still has the joint on her, they sneak into the bathroom to smoke the rest of it. John Krasinski, who plays Meryl and Alec's soon to be son-in-law, follows them into the bathroom to see what they're up to. He knows they're having an affair (they've been divorced for ten years) and doesn't want anyone else to find out. Meryl hands him the joint and he takes a puff.

At this point my father, who I am reluctantly sharing the couch with, says, "You know, Jenny, that's what you need to cheer you up while you're in this rut." I roll my eyes and prepare to burst into tears - both for the fact that my dad thinks I'm in a rut (which I am) and because I expect him to say I need a guy, a boyfriend, someone to take me out and say nice things to me. I roll my eyes and ask, "What do I need? A boyfriend?" In my dismay my father responds, "No. A joint!" He then proceeds to laugh his ass off while my mom, fully recovered from her fit of hysterics, yells at him from across the room, "Dave! Shut the hell up! Don't tell her things like that! Jenny, you don't need to smoke a joint."

I think my parents smoked their fair share of joints back in the day. I'm proud to say I've never smoked a thing and tend to keep it that way despite my fathers incredibly heartwarming advice.

see hilarity at 3:15, 6:50 & 7:45

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