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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Listen Up! Summer Edition

July is in full swing and if you haven't created a summer playlist for yourself yet, GET ON IT. And if you've been depending on the radio and that wretched new Katy Perry single, SHAME ON YOU. Read below and be enlightened.

I've had the most random music shuffling on my trusty iPod (she's old - the first color ipod!) and I reccommend you take a gander. Here's a list of albums to spice up your summer. I've organized the albums so you'll have an easier time choosing what best fits your summer mood. You're welcome. 

For those still feeling twitterpated: Florence and the Machine

First thing's first, Flo can SING. For the most part, that's what's kept me hooked on her debut album, Lungs. I'm late to hear it - the album was released July 2009. Regardless, I can't stop listening. Her voice is haunting, chilling, but above all, lovely. She's soulful and powerful and I can't deny a strong leading lady. (See: Alison Mosshart, Hayley Williams.) 

J's Faves: "I'm Not Calling You a Liar" - A playful melody for those hesitant to give their heart away.
                "Kiss with a Fist" - A punkier beat, so to speak, and fun to sing along to.
                "Drumming" - This one takes the prize. I LOVE this song. I'll be shocked if you can't relate to these honest, heart-wrenching lyrics. 

If you want to get into a fight: Sleigh Bells
This pair is an aquired taste. Like Sparks, Sleigh Bells is a bit sour and a tad sweet (thanks to Alexis Krauss' angelic voice) and there's a good chance you'll come out of the experience with a headache, regardless of how much fun you had. At first listen, your eardrums will be ringing, head slightly pounding. You'll be asking yourself, WTF is this? However, once you get used to the raging guitars, gunshots, sirens, thumping bass and overall chaos of their sound, you're in for a treat - which is so ironic since their debut album is called Treats. Look 'em up, crank up the volume and have fun. Please don't hurt yourself. 

J's Faves: "Kids," "Run the Heart," "Crown on the Ground" (I haven't the slightest idea how to describe these to you. Just listen.)  

For dance inspiration: Bodega Girls
Bodega Girls at Pianos - CMJ 2009 (October 21st, 2009) by Amanda M Hatfield.

Be forewarned. This band is going to make you dance. Upon first listen your ass will be shaking whether you like it or not. I was introduced to this band courtesy of my shortest friend who without a shadow of a doubt knows what's good for you when it comes to dance music. The group hails from Boston and is rapidly taking over dive bars and dance clubs across Beantown and NYC. The groups dance beats are undeniable. Get on this and get on it fast. While they haven't yet released a full length album, you can download a few of their tunes (for FREE!) here. 

J's Faves: Every song. Go listen! NOW! 

For the rock 'n roll soul: The Black Keys

Here's another band I'm late in discovering. Brothers is the rock duos sixth album. Despite the fact that I've missed the first five, I've become a super fan. The Black Keys create bluesy, soulful, gritty rock that's catchy and fun to listen to. I feel like I'm listening to actual music, as opposed to "musicians" posing as a "rock" band. The Black Keys' Brothers is the perfect summer soundtrack. It's perfect for a laidback day by the pool, perfect for a drive to the beach - windows down, wind blowing your hair - perfect for a late night party - tiki torches lit, keg tapped, Black Keys rockin' in the background. Ah, summer...  

J's Faves: "She's Long Gone" - An awesome ode to girls with sass. Watch out, suckers.
                "The Only One" - More of a rock ballad, this is the most romantic of the tracks.
                "Everlasting Light" - The opening track begs you to love these guys. Do it. Love them. 

If you're pissed: The Dead Weather

This band makes me hate. It makes me want to spit and kick and swear like a trucker. Their new album, Sea of Cowards, makes me feel bitter, but satisfied - as if by listening to it, I'm getting back at the people, places and things that really tick me off. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but maybe that's because you haven't heard it. Take it for a test run and get back to me. Prepare to scowl. Also, prepare to want to be Alison Mosshart. 

J's Faves: "Blue Blood Blues," "The Difference Between Us," "I Can't Hear You" - Each song rocks harder than the last. 

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