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Friday, July 23, 2010

True Blood's Franklin Can Text Faster Than You

There are several excellent new additions to the True Blood cast this season. There's that fab king of Mississippi who I freaking hate, a new love interest named Crystal for the oh-so-stupid but oh-so-dreamy(!) Jason Stackhouse and a red hot werewolf by the name of Alcide Herveaux. Grrrrrrrowl! 

My favorite addition to season three is surprisingly not the red hot werewolf. Instead I've found that my pathetic heart lies with Franklin Mott (played by James Frain) - the troubled vampire in serious need of a supernatural therapist. 

Franklin is a detective working for that silly vampire king. He ended up in Bon Temps when his majesty asked Franklin to search Bill Compton's house. We have yet to discover what it is Franklin is looking for, but we know it has something to do with the queen, Sookie Stackhouse and her ancestry.

Franklin's scarcasm and wit is right up there with that of Lafayette's and Mr. Northman's. His dark sense of humor is both startling and downright hilarious. He's a touch of cool with a side of melodrama. Despite his bizarre-o personality and sick obsession with Tara (a human he is infatuted with), the vampire is somehow likeable.

 James Frain in Season Three of   True Blood  .

When he was sobbing bloody tears in last week's episode while babbling about Tara trying to run away from him and comparing his broken heart to being staked, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. I wanted to give the psycho blood sucker a hug. My sympathy for the lunatic and fit of hysterics only increased when he got down on bended knee and in all seriousness proposed to Tara: "Will you be my vampire bride?" HA! That girl canNOT catch a break.

I look forward to more of Franklin's psychosis as season three continues. Watch my favorite Franklin scene from season three here:

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