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Monday, April 19, 2010

EW Summer Movie Issue Dazzles

Just when I thought Entertainment Weekly couldn't possibly get any better - what with the Must List, Hit List and Bullseye, not to mention their fabulously talented staff of witty writers - the 2010 Summer Movie Issue comes out and blows! my! mind!

If you know me well, you know my Friday regular: get out of work, speed home, change into pajamas, grab my EW and dive in. I read it front cover to back cover, every page, every article, every word. It is my Bible.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the surprise awaiting me in this week's double issue. Every year the magazine presents a summer movie preview in which it delights its readers with a full list of all the fantastic movies hitting the silver screen from May to August. It typically includes a fold-out, detailed calendar with all the scheduled release dates. In addition, it breaks down the biggest blockbusters featuring the biggest stars, while also giving shout outs to smaller films.

This week's mag included a letter from EW's Managing Editor explaining the exciting new addition to the summer movie issue. For readers with smartphones (like my dearly beloved iPhone), the experience would be extra special and technoligcally impressive. In order to take part, you have to visit a website which recognizes what kind of smartphone you have, then download the FREE application to your phone. [**Note: This took roughly five seconds.**] The application allows you easy, immediate access to the movie trailers to the majority of the films mentioned. Throughout the issue are multicolored boxes. Upon opening the "tag" application, your phone's camera capabilities are opened. By holding the phone over the box, the phone recognizes the code, opens youtube and immediately plays the official trailer for the movie. So, you can read about the movie and then watch the trailer without hardly lifting a finger. IT'S LIKE MAGIC.

I'm fully aware of the awesomeness of my iPhone and have been in awe of it since it's shiny black presence entered my life back in December. I've downloaded plenty of apps and use them frequently. This one, for some reason, really got me. I guess it's because it makes my most favorite magazine come to life.

There I was reading about Angelina Jolie and her role in Salt and with a single tap of my finger, I'm watching Angie riding on the back of speeding trucks, whipping out her guns and kicking ass in the film's trailer...all in the palm of my hand. Just like that! What a freaking amazing promotional tool!

Who ever came up with this idea, you've amazed me and I thank you.

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