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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sadly, Siobhan Magnus was eliminated from Idol this week. Alas, the last bit of personality has been voted off the stage. As a result, I will no longer be watching this season. I don't care who wins.

Regardless, I'm obviously still stuck on last season, considering the current obsession I have with Adam Lambert. Speaking of the devil, check out this video:

MTV, you're kidding right? Adam wins the scream-off hands down. Siobhan's cool and quirky, but she's no Lambert. She's also no Hayley Williams. Not sure what happened to her after the first few weeks of the competition, but she seemed to have lost her mojo. She sort of regained it in her final song, which she sang moments after being kicked off the show. I never understood how contestants sing after elimination, but that's an entirely different rant that I don't have the energy for right now. 

All pitch problems and sloppy song choices aside, Ms. Magnus was entertaining while she lasted. She was like a breath of fresh air amongst those dumbo, doodle, . If her voice was faulty, her fashion sense made up for it. The screamer/glass blower/funky dresser from Cape Cod will be missed.

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