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Friday, April 16, 2010

Seth Aaron: Winner in My Book

He's Project Runway's resident badass dad who managed to wow the judges time and again this season with his black leather, meticulously made punk-rock outfits. His style resembles season three winner, Jeffrey Sebelia - with less attitude, more smiles and an overall more pleasant demeanor, thank goodness.
After watching the most recent episode - which also happens to be the last ep before the top three designers show their lines at the desired Bryant Park - I've decided Seth Aaron needs to win this competition. Yes, he's super cool and a fabulous designer, but there's more to him than his fingerless gloves, tatts and studded belt. Here's a list of reasons why the dad from Vancouver, WA deserves the season 7 win:
1. He has a delightful effect on Tim Gunn. Each season after Heidi & Co. narrow the designers down to three finalists, she sends each of them home with a few thousand dollars and three months or so to create their line to be shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. During this time, the always lovable Tim Gunn, fashion guru, visits the designers in their hometown to see what they've come up with thus far. He then gives them tips on how to improve the line, meets the designer's family and friends and then bids the designer adieu with a final "make it work!" When Tim met Seth's wife and kids, he joined them in a game of Pictionary. His first guess at Seth's daughter's scribbled clue was...wait for it... "Fallopian tubes!?!" This increased my love for both Tim Gunn and Seth Aaron by a ton. Seth deserves to win Project Runway season 7 because he got Tim Gunn to say "Fallopian tubes." Brilliant.

2.  Based on the very early preview we got (courtesy of Mr. Gunn) of S.A.'s line, looks like we're in store for leather, metallic, alligator skin, zippers, studs - stuff with guts and edge that his opponents sadly lack. His line looks like something GaGa or Glambert would wear. Obviously that makes me a fan. Seth deserves to win Project Runway season 7 because he will go on to design outfits for my mega-star superheroes of the entertainment industry.

3.  In this week's episode during an honest, middle school truth or dare esque dinner with the final three designers and their model partners in crime, someone mentioned Ping. Oh, Ping. She was one of the most bizarre designers to ever grace the Project Runway runway. (Ha - runway runway.) She had a VERY unique style that appeared to involve little to no sewing. She more or less purchased a few yards of (mostly ugly shades of brown) material when at MOOD, then draped it over her model, pinning it where necessary so it would stay in place. She was auf'd early in the season. It didn't come as much of a surprise. When her name came up at the finalist dinner, Seth Aaron appropriately grabbed his beige cloth napkin and plopped it on top of his head, Ping style. Seth Aaron deserves to win Project Runway season 7 because he does a killer Ping impression.

4. As I mentioned above, Seth Aaron reminds me a bit of Jeffrey Sebelia. However, Jeffrey was an a**hole. Seth, on the other hand, is not. I don't think the dude has a mean bone in his body. It's a rare designer who stays out of the drama, doesn't pick a fight with his fellow craftsmen and instead appreciates the talent surrounding him in the workroom. You, go, S.A.! He's there to gain recognition, become successful and have fun, man. His good sportsmanship especially stands out when compared to his competition. Emilio is one cocky bastard. When asked by Heidi in front of the other designers and models who he felt his greatest competition was, he said - without hesitation - that he had no competition, that he was going to win. Ugh! Get over ya self, Emilio! As far as Edna Mila goes, she lacks the confidence Emilio oozes. She pretends she's confident, but she's actually quite insecure. Seth Aaron is a happy medium. He knows who he is and loves who he is. He beams a healthy confidence that's carried him straight through to the finals. Seth deserves to win Project Runway season 7 because he's a damn good sport.

5. Seth's taste is flawless, which is why week after week he chose to work with the best model of the bunch, that Russian doll, Valeria (see right). Yes, it is my opinion that she was the most gorgeous, best walker, most deserving to come in first and apparently I wasn't alone. Donna Karan - yes, the Donna Karan - agreed. Seth Aaron's model had to leave the competition halfway through because DKNY booked her for a national campaign. And Seth wasn't pissed. He didn't bitch and moan to the camera that his model dissed him. He was proud of her, excited for her, totally understood that she needed to do this (see above mentioned good sportsmanship). I bet when he wins season 7, Seth will certainly call Valeria to walk at his next show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Seth deserves to win Project Runway season 7 because he knows a beautiful woman - who owns the catwalk - when he sees one.

There you have it. If after reading this you're still on Team Emilio or Team Edna Mila, shame on you! Do it, S.A.! Make j from the b proud. (And if you ever need a model, don't hesitate to ask.)

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