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Monday, April 19, 2010

Glee Flash Mob Dreams

I desperately want to be a part of a Glee flash mob - a group of roughly 1,000 people who gather in a city center and break out in choreographed dance to the Glee soundtrack. Example:

I imagine it was a day like any other in Seattle last week. Groups of tourists and locals gathered downtown, meeting with friends, having lunch, enjoying the sunny weather. Suddenly, music started playing. What's that? Oh, yes, it's Rachel and Finn singing and without hesitation the crowds of people start dancing. It's as if they've rehearsed this! Everyone knows the same moves! How fascinating... Suddenly the song changes. Mercedes? Is that you? More people start dancing... The song changes again...Mr. S!?! Now the entire city center is dancing in unison just in time for "Somebody to Love!"

People, it's moments in life like the one above that are going to make the world a happier place. Had I been in that Seattle square on April 10th, the smile on my face would have made Osama Bin Laden break down. This brings me to an important point. What if I had been in that Seattle square? I would have been devastated that I didn't know the dance moves and couldn't join in! That's why you must excuse me. I'm off to watch the video again and again and practice, practice, practice until I've got it down pat. I will not miss an opportunity shall it ever arise.

Dear God, please let the opportunity arise. Thanks! Love, your girl, J from the B.

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