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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vampires Hacked Into My iTunes, Heart

Last night's episode of Vampire Diaries featured several of the most-played songs on my iTunes, thus increasing my love for this show. Phoenix? Check! Paramore? Check! The Virgins? Check! It's as if the music director hacked into my computer, which just goes to prove, I should have that job. I should be the one choosing music for the show. Although, I would have picked a less played Phoenix song. I've heard "1901" so many times it's starting to make my ears bleed. Regardless, vampire (turned alcoholic), Stefan Salvatore certainly has a fantastic taste in music if I do say so myself. With a soundtrack like that, it's no wonder the Mystic Fall's Founder's Ball was such a hit - for both the living and the dead.
What better drama queen to create the chaos at the party than the former Mrs. Cooper-Nichol? It's as if Julie Cooper-Nichol had moved right from sunny California to the vampire infested Virginia town. However, Matt's mom lacks the class Julie Cooper worked so hard to pretend she had. Julie Cooper would never get trashed at a high society event in front of the town's most influential people. Never! She would, however, make out with a 17-year-old who just so happened to be her son's best friend. Julie Cooper, you sly dog, you! Pissin' off your teenager! Just like the old days! Matt = Marissa! And now he's moving out? Going to live with daddy? Marissa Cooper LIVES, y'all! (Josh Schwartz, you must have had something to do with this. Where are you hiding? In the tomb with all the vamps? Come out, come out wherever you are...)
Meanwhile, Elena's blood thirsty, alcoholic vampire boyfriend is a hot mess! Last week Elena saved his life by forcing him to drink from her after he was kidnapped, beaten and weakened by a pack of angry vamps. Having lived off squirrel blood for so many years, that taste of human blood has turned him into a monster. (Cue GaGa: That boy is a monster! Ma-ma-ma-monster! That boy is a monster! Ma-ma-ma-monster.)
Stefan turned to booze to lessen the craving. (Yes, Vampire Diaries vamps drink more than just blood, unlike the Cullens and the True Blood fangs.) Elena doesn't seem to know what to do with him. I kind of enjoyed the dancing fool he turned into after mesmerizing the deejay to play my good music. I also enjoyed Elena turning to older, wiser, scarier vampire, Boone Damon Salvatore. Betta get your dead act together, Stefan, before your bro bro gets sweeter and Elena has a change of heart.
Is anyone else surprised that Stefan got the first taste of the former Julie Cooper? Sure wasn't expecting that, but loved the twist of events. I thought she would save herself for the darker Salvatore brother (who she previously made out with). Guess not. Who will Stefan drink next? Let's hope no matter who it is, the blood sucking is accompanied by an equally impressive soundtrack.

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