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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here Comes Plum

Why isn't anyone making a bigger deal about this?! Stephanie Plum has been cast! One for the Money is hitting the silver screen...finally!

I'm probably going to hate the movie. I tend to hate movie adaptations of books I love with the sole exception of Gone With the Wind. Regardless, let's discuss.

Katherine Heigl is set to fill the shoes of author, Janet Evanovich's bounty hunter Jersey trash heroine, Stephanie Plum. The book series - now up to number 15 with "Sizzling 16" to hit shelves this June - tells the adventures of Plum, a divorcee turned lingerie saleswoman turned bounty hunter with a knack for getting into trouble and a constant craving for donuts. Her best friend, Lola, is a 250-pound former prostitute with a thing for fried chicken. Her love life is a hot mess - she bounces back and forth between local Trenton cop, Joe Morelli, a former high school flame who popped her cherry way back when, and fellow bounty hunter/spy/super hot secret agent, Ranger. Plum's sole roommate is a hamster. She never has food in her house, aside from crumbs to feed to her hamster, and therefore, spends most dinners at her parent's house. She and her whack-a-doo, funeral crashing grandmother drive her mother to drink. Her apartment has been broken into, blown up and set on fire numerous times. She's gone through more than a handful of cars for similar reasons. She's a middle-aged, single woman from Jersey with a taste for adventure and a life that's anything but ordinary. It's going to make a killer movie...if done right.

Heigl is an interesting choice for the role of Stephanie Plum. I like her a hell of a lot more than previous possibilities Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez (UCK!). Heigl, a romantic comedy expert (see Knocked Up, 28 Dresses, The Ugly Truth), will be an excellent match for Ranger and Morelli. But the girl better toughen up, crave a donut (or a few dozen), and learn to kick some serious ass (not that Stephanie Plum is ever very successful at ass kicking). Heigl is a good actress, but I fear she's too sweet. Get bitchy, Heigl. However, the sweet side is a plus on some levels. Heigl is a very likeable, relatable actress. She's a doll. Moviegoers are going to love her as Stephanie Plum and that is a very good thing.

The actress is fully prepared to please fans, having already dyed her blond lockes a dark brown for the role: "[Stephanie Plum] is a very specific kind of girl, so I just wanted to show the legion of fans that I will be your vision of Stephanie Plum. It's important. I hate when my favorite books are made into films and they are just not what you expect." Thanks, Katherine. We appreciate that.

The film reportedly starts shooting as soon as July, but word on the street is no other actors have been cast. Evanovich has a heck of a lot of fans - her series has sold more than 45 MILLION books - and they (like me) are surely going to be picky about the actors taking over these roles, especially when it comes to Joe Morelli and Ranger. In my eyes, these men are not only Stephanie's love interests, but readers such as myself drool and swoon for them just as much.

My thoughts on who's right for the part? I always pictured Ranger to look something like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but the dude's too cheesy an actor to take on such a suave role. We need a younger Sylvester Stalone or Antonio Banderas. Perhaps Adam Rodriguez (known for his role on CSI: Miami and as Bobby Talercio, Hiilda's hubby, on Ugly Betty) is more suited to make Stephanie Plum weak in the knees. I think so. As for Morelli, he's more of a guy next door. Big and tough, but a sweetie deep down and handsome. Super duper handsome. LOST's Sawyer sounds about right. Josh Holloway. Mmmhmm. Oh, yes. These guys would be perfect. Somebody call the director ASAP! And don't forget to tell her it was MY idea! Send the compensation my way!

If you're unfamiliar with the books and you're a chick, I suggest picking up the first few and bringing them with you to the beach this summer. They are a perfect beach read. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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