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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday TV Makes Me Smile

You've surely heard the news by now. Adam Lambert? Idol? Mentor? 

Yeah, just as I suggested. Hopefully FOX put my compensation in the mail. I'm a little broke these days.

I've been freaking about Lambert's return to Idol since I first heard of it a week ago. Remember a few blog posts ago when I was crying about that glamazon and the good ol' days of American Idol? I was saying what a disgrace it would be if Adam was a contestant this season, since this batch of contestants is such a hot mess. And then, BOOM! Just like that, headlines read "ADAM LAMBERT CONFIRMED AS IDOL MENTOR."

Go ahead, complain. Convince me it's too soon. Tell me he's not experienced enough, that he doesn't have a right to mentor since he wasn't even last season's winner. I dare you.

Say what you will, but for once this season, American Idol viewers are going to be entertained. We're going to get some, gasp!, personality. Lambert's gonna perfect Siobhan's wail. He's going to teach Andrew how to really change a song and make it his own. He's going to make the judges cry as they reminisce about what Idol used to be.

Not only do the viewers, judges and top nine contestants need this, but so does Lambert. It's no secret he's been suffering a rough time since his album debuted and he sucked face with his keyboardist at the AMA's. (Big whoop.) His reputation isn't as positive as it should be. Lambert is a one-of-a-kind talent, deserving of super-stardom. I'm convinced everything is going to change once his upcoming single hits the airwaves. "If I Had You" is killer and if it's not the song of summer 2010, shoot me. Regardless, tonight is going to remind America why we first fell in love with him and it's only going to help him regain the popularity he had as runner-up of season eight just one year ago.

I'm so excited for TV tonight, my head is going to explode. 

First up is AMERICAN IDOL with ADAM LAMBERT. Then GLEE returns after a winter hiatus. And as if that's not enough to make your hat pitter patter uncontrollably, there's a new episode of LOST featuring Hurley's crush, Libby, returning from the dead! 

Stick a fork in me! I'm done!

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